I'd like to thank...

Without whom none of this would have been possible:

National Centre for Computer Animation

The NCCA, based at Bournemouth University, pays my wages and keeps me too busy to get into trouble. We run Undergraduate and Masters courses for around 200 students in Computer Animation, Digital Special Effects, and Digital Entertainment Systems.

Techimage Ltd

Thanks to Seamus and Dave for supporting the NCCA, and myself by helping us get access to some cool software. They're the UK dealers for SideFX and Pixar (and a whole bunch of other neat toys), so if you if you want to try out some of the stuff I've talked about, then give them a call - tell them Ian sent you.

Side Effects Software

Thanks to SideFX for writing something as cool as Houdini, and even bigger thanks for supporting the NCCA.


Pixar don't need any plugs from me, but they've been a big help, making PRMan the renderer of choice at the NCCA.


Thanks to Pete for hosting this site on Toybox.

New Reflections

Got to give a mention to Mandy who helps me with all things photographic. If you need a photographer in the Dorset/Hampshire area, give her a call.

One Two Seven

Speaking of photography, check out my classic camera site.

Bournemouth Gigs

Finally Bournemouth Gigs is a site I've been admining which lists live music in the local area.

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA, Bournemouth University