Essential RenderMan Fast

Essential RenderMan Fast is an introduction to RenderMan I wrote for the Springer Essential series. It covers RIB, the C APi and shading, in a nice and friendly fashion. The intention was to write a book which anyone could read, which would prepare them for the more advanced, and detailed texts, such as the RenderMan Companion and Advanced RenderMan.

You can buy it directly from the publisher. It's also available from Amazon.


You can use almost any RenderMan compatible renderer to work through the book, but I produced virtually all of the example images using Angel. While Angel is unsuitable for serious production work, its freely available for most platforms, and works well enough to get you started. Having gained a little experience its trivial to switch over to a more powerful system.

Example Code

You can download all of the example code I used to produce the book. I recommend you use these as a starting point for your own experiments.

Part 2 Examples

Part 3 Examples


During the final stage of production, figure 26.1 failed to print correctly. The figure should appear as follows:

Production Notes

In the original draft of the book there was an appendix which documented some of the issues you might encounter when working through the book using a particular renderer. Different renderers support different features, and while these differences are usually small, they can trip up then new user. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that keeping this section up to date was an impossible task, as each vendor released updates with new features. As a result the appendix was dropped, with the intention of providing the information via a web page.

To develop these pages futher, I require assistance. I simply can't keep up to date on the dozen or so renderers out there. If you have worked though the book using a particular renderer, and have found anything which you think would help those following in your footsteps, please get in touch, and pass on what you have learnt. Ideally I'd like an enthusiast for each renderer to help keep these pages up to date.

If you have any feedback or problems working through Essential RenderMan , then you can contct me and other users through the books Yahoo Group.

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA,Bournemouth University