NCCA Pixmap Library

Most of the Apps on the site ultimatly rely on manipulating 2D pixmaps. To support that I've developed a library of routines to hide most of the messing around. This is a little slower than directly manipulating the data, but saves a lot of coding time and increases flexability.

I've passed copies of the library to a number of people, who are now chasing me for ports, and upgrades, so the easiest way to manage that is just to release the libraries here. Documentation is limited, but this release is primarily aimed at those who have already used the library. On the other hand the headers should make most things pretty clear.

At some point I'll probably rename it the DCTPixmap library...


Firstly you need the headers. Then you need the main libary ( Win32, FreeBSD Linux ). You also need to link against the standard tiff (Win32) and jpeg (Win32) libraries. On Unix you also need to link against the X11, and maybe the maths library.

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA,Bournemouth University