Spectral Filter Simulation

In addition to working on the latest book, I've been learning a lot about photography in the last 12 months. The aim is to try and apply some of that huge body of experience to digital image production.

As an illustration of this line of enquiry, here's a simulation of spectral light transport in photography. In addition to letting you explore the nature of light transport (and perhaps free your mind from the false god of RGB), you can actually use it to calculate exposure compensations for different photographic filters, taking into account the film, subject, and lighting conditions.

The main limitation at the momment is the availability of accurate spectral data for different film stocks, and the time it takes me to enter filter data. If you have access to spectral data for light sources, films, filters or materials, then sent the data to me and I'll add it to the app. The data thats currently included is the best I've got but is limited in its accuracy - film sensitivity seems to be poorly documented generally, while kodak's filter data is restricted to the 400-700nm range.


Filter Sim is only available for MacOSX

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA, Bournemouth University