CoHabit : AudioUnit Management

When I used to play keyboards in a band I always worried about setting up all the patches for a song, on each of the synths, and often spent ages mapping complex split and layering effects so I could control as many sounds as possible from a single keyboard.

At the time I started designing a piece of hardware that would route all my midi signals, and automatically configure the system for each song. I actually started building it, but it never got completed...

A few years on, and everything is in software, so here's a software (AU Host) version of what i imagined back then. Select up to four Audio Unit synths, and map them over the keyboard. You can save those as "songs", or arrange a whole bunch of songs into a "setlist". At the gig just fire it up, and step through the songs via midi patch change!

it's in a pretty basic state right now, but it is functional, so I'm releasing it to try and get some feedback - to see if there's any interest in actually using it!

The main limitations right now are:

The last one isn't my fault! MacOSX has been around almost ten years now - at least in development versions, so why are people still shipping code that is written for MacOS7? Thats right - most AU's use Carbon, which was Apple's transition MacOS7 to MacOSX API. It's been obsolete for years, but most AU's still use it to draw their user interfaces. This makes it VERY hard for a "modern" program like CoHabit which uses the "real" MacOSX api's to make them look good.

The other missing features will get added as soon as someone persuedes me to do it. A word of warning though - adding those features may break file compatability, so don't expect to be able to load v0.1 files into V1.0.


CoHabit is available for MacOSX10.5 Universal

V0.2 now allows you to re-arrange setlists.

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA, Bournemouth University