Bounding Box Generator

The RenderMan DelayedReadArchive Procedural primitive, allows you to defer loading parts of a scene into the renderer until they are actually needed. For objects which are off-screen, you can avoid loading them altogether. In order to to this it is necessary to calcualate a bounding box for the RIB archive which will be loaded in.

Having created a RIB archive, simply run

bbgen xxx.rib
and a bounding box will be printed out. This can then be used directly as part of the RiProcedural command. The current version is 0.2, which has numerous fixes and improvements over the original.

Note that this program should be run on a RIB Archive, and not a comeplete RIB. Unforunatly Angel does not currently support Procedural calls.


Displacement bounds are ignored.

Blobby objects are unsupported.


The current release can be downloaded for freeBSD, Linux, Windows and SGI . As always could any users please register their usage by emailing me.

Ian Stephenson.
DCT Systems
NCCA,Bournemouth University